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At Feazell & Tighe, LLP, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the compensation they deserve and the justice they have been denied. We combine the experience and resources of a nationally recognized firm with personalized service and a commitment to our clients.

Class actions may be the ideal way for large groups of plaintiffs to join their voices together in demanding justice when they have been similarly wronged by large organizations. At Feazell & Tighe, LLP, we have prosecuted a wide range of cases, ranging from just a few hundred plaintiffs to over 200,000 class members across 46 states. Our attorneys know what it takes to handle even the biggest cases.

We approach every case with the same commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients. We believe that class actions are a powerful way to effect genuine change in the lives of not only the plaintiffs but all consumers. We work hard to help you get the financial compensation you are due, and we are committed to providing our clients with the experienced, responsible, and respectful legal representation they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to hold even the most powerful corporations and insurance companies accountable for their conduct. We do this most often through class actions, which the United States Supreme Court has called “one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those that demand the status quo.” The goal of our lawsuits is to not only achieve financial compensation for those wronged, but also to affect changes in corporate policy and practice.

We are trial lawyers dedicated to client satisfaction and communication. Founded by alumni of larger firms, we enjoy the flexible and cooperative atmosphere of a small firm while engaging in a statewide, and in many cases nationwide, practice involving substantial and challenging legal issues more typically associated with larger firms. In addition, unlike most larger firms, we take cases on a contingency fee basis. As such, we are only paid if we achieve a settlement or jury verdict in our favor.